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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

About Brook

Brook is a seasoned marketing expert and the CEO/founder of Red Door Marketing Agency.  She has over 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations, healthcare, real estate, non-profit, entrepreneurship, and start-up businesses.


In 2012, Brook was inspired to embark on a new journey that would cater to her deep passion for marketing and public relations. Since then, Red Door Marketing Agency has been consistently successful in meeting the needs of exclusive clientele throughout the Southeast.  

Brook has spearheaded Red Door’s role in international marketing campaigns, such as a multi-million dollar capital campaign for a non-profit Christian ministry located in Costa Rica in efforts to grow their organization into Brazil and Puerto Rico.

As the owner, Brook’s role is to take complex company divisions, products, and services and develop streamlined marketing plans for each area.


Over Brook's career as CEO and Founder of Red Door Marketing Agency, Brook has worked to educate local businesses on the importance of the company’s brand and marketing strategies. 



 Brook approaches each client project with excitement and a desire to create a great product. Throughout this process, Brook educates each client on the importance of their marketing strategies with open and responsive communication.  

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