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Keys to Opening Doors & Building A BOLD Brand!

Building an Authentic Personal Brand - Your Brand is the Essence of who you are and you get to choose who that person will be.  


Over the past 2 decades, I have had the privilege of building brands for companies and individuals alike and the main ingredient to having a BOLD Brand is being Authentic! 


A Brand is more than a fancy logo, website, product, or billboard.  It’s what tells your customers, friends, and acquaintances who you are.  Your Brand reached across barriers that could distract or prevent you from being the person you were meant to be.  


When we think of Brands, most people do not think of themselves as a Brand.  But we all have them.  The difference is, are you going to let someone else Brand you, or are you going to make your own Brand? 


Some people may say, well I don’t own a business or run a company so why do I need a Brand?  Your Brand is most people's 1st impression of you before they even meet you in most cases.  So why not control the message? 


Keys to Opening Doors & Building A BOLD Brand: 


  • Core Values of an Authentic Brand: 


  • Identify and Build BOLD Brand: 


  • Leverage Your Brand:

      Develop your own Brand Strategy a Communicate it effectively

Having a BOLD Brand is your marketing currency...make it count! 

See our past events!


The Be BOLD Marketing + Leadership Conference presented by Red Door Marketing Agency offered training for marketing and leadership skills. Topics included building your brand, web design and user experience, creating an online marketing strategy, and more. 

"...they have a really strategic approach to how you can tell your story and help your business."

- SHAWN HARRIS  [ Regions Bank ]


Be BOLD Marketing + Leadership Workshop was an interactive workshop that focused on developing strong marketing strategies and creating a successful company culture. Featuring sessions led by Brook and Rob Powell, attendees left knowing how to build their brand and relationships with their employees and customers.

"...Brook has such amazing ideas... I wanted to learn more from her."

- SKYE DULIN  [ Skye's the Limit ]

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